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Archery Club
The home of all useful stuff

The Committee

Chair - Melanie Hart 
Secretary - Stuart Barber
Treasurer - James Salmon
Records  - Stuart Barber
Junior Rep - Rachel Boyton
Equipment Officer - Nick Wasik
Membership - Phil Stanley
Competitions - Carol Clark 
Non Committee Contact Information 
Child Protection Team 
Portsmouth Badge Scheme
Coming soon.   
Shooting for County
For those who wish to be considered to shoot for the County, but are not aware of the procedure, this is how it works.  Go to the Herts Archery Association web site and complete the Declaration Form Section under Documents or click on the Herts County Logo. 

When you score a round, at the club or in competition, submit the score on the site. The Score Submission form is on the Herts County Web SIte, or just click the submit button to go there direct.

Sit back and wait to be called up – or better still do some bow drills with a stretch band. 

If you need help with this, Stuart is both County Chairman and a selector. Whilst this will not give you any advantage, he is well placed to guide you through the process. 

Document Library

Past Events