Junior Home  
A page just for the Juniors
Welcome to the Junior Home Page.  The club has a strong and growing Junior membership and this is just for you!  

Anything that is specifically for the Junior members can be found here. 

If there is anything that you would like to see here please email Rachel at juniors@stortfordarchers.org.uk.  

Junior News ​​
  1. Coming Soon
    OCT 31
    Coming Soon
  2. County Indoor Championships
    FEB 10
    County Indoor Championships
    Well done to Liam, Star, Alex, Caitlin and Lil-May for their success at the championships
  3. Purple Badge
    JUL 22
    Purple Badge
    Congratulations to Star Austin who has been awarded her Purple Badge
  4. Coming Soon
    OCT 31
    Coming Soon
Junior Badge Scheme (JBS)
The Juniors are encouraged to take part in our County Junior Badge Scheme (JBS).  Click on the picture to go direct to Hertfordshire Archery Association (HAA) web site to have a look.  All badges up to purple will be awarded by the club; once you have gained a purple badge it will be awarded by the County President or Chairman.   (Summer only)

If need help with this please speak to Rachel Boynton your Junior Rep. 
Portsmouth Badge Scheme
The Club is running the Portsmouth Badge Scheme over the winter.  This is a club only scheme run for the Juniors over the winter.  It is similar to the county scheme, the scores you need to obtain for the verious badges are visible by clicking on the badges to the left. 

You need to claim your badges from Rachel Boynton by emailing her this form to juniors@stortfordarchers.org.uk
Winter League
This year the Juniors are participating in the County Junior League.  The rules of which can be found by clicking the club logo to the left. 

It is a postal league, so any Portsmouth scores count from ANY Bow style as scores are adjusted, -10% Compound and +20% Longbow or Barebow.  Please make sure Stuart has a copy of your score sheet so the scores can be submitted. 

Shooting for County
Stortford Archery Club now has many juniors on the county team. If you wish to be considered to shoot for the County, but are not aware of the procedure, this is how it works.  Go to the Herts Archery Association (HAA) web site and complete the Declaration Form Section under Documents or click on the Herts County Logo to the left. 

When you score a round, at the club or in competition, submit the score on the site or by clicking sumbit to the left.

Sit back and wait to be called up – or better still do some bow drills with a stretch band. 

If you need help with this, Stuart is both County Chairman and a selector. Rachel will also be able to uide you through this process. Whilst this will not give you any advantage, they are well placed to guide you through the process.

All scores are needed as the county is now also part of a SCAS winter league. To be considered for this please submit your scores before the 21st of each month. There is 8 Junior places up for grabs! 
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