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Latest Committee news....

Sunday Shooting will be followed by FREE Tea Coffee and Cake. So please come along and shoot a round. It does not matter what level you are , its a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon and improve your score.

Thursday evening as you know is coaching evening. Coaching has proved so popular that we will now have 4 bosses for coaching.

Good Luck Phil & Owen.

Our County Coach Phil Lambert has recently moved to Shropshire and our Chairman Owen Griffiths has moved to Lincolnshire.

We thank them both very much for all the input over the years and will miss both of them. Keep your arrows straight and keep in touch.


Coaching News

Over the winter the coaches we be holding sessions on a thursday evening on

String making and serving

Arrow Maintenance

Basic bow tuning

Classifications and Rounds

If there is something you would like to know then please let the coaches or committee know.

Begineers courses 2017

The January Course is fully booked and we are already reserving spaces on the June course. Get in early to avoid missing out.

Many Congratulations To archers listed below who have acheived the following classifications.

Junior Master Bowman 

Megan Gabriel U12 - Recurve.


Stuart Barber - Compound

Rachel Boynton - Compound

1st Class

Katharine Roper - Longbow

Phil Lambert - Recurve

Peter Sweetman - Recurve

Owen Griffiths - Recurve

Imogen Collier (J) - Recurve

Alex Slamon(J) - Recurve

Zoe Hill (J) - Recurve

2nd Class

Carol Clark - Longbow

Robert Jones - Recurve

Nick Barra (J) - Recurve

Rob Gabriel - Recurve

George Gobillot (J) - Recurve

Kevin Hill - Recurve

3rd Class

Roy Powell - Recurve

Helen Duffield - Recurve

Nick Wasik - Recurve

Paul Manthorpe - Recurve

Zac Rogers (J) Recurve


Many Congratulations to Stuart Barber who was recently awarded the Presidents Cup for outstanding services to the Hertfordshire Archery Assn.

We are very proud of you.


Club Outdoor Championships

Our recent Outdoor champs were a great success with many archers shooting them for the first time.

Handicap Senior Club Champion goes to

Kevin Hill


Junior Handicap Club Champion goes to

Zac Rogers


 Zac only joined us 8 weeks ago and has already achived his third class classification. Wow what a future he has.

Perfect round scored

A special recognition goes to Stuart Barber - Compound, who shot a perfect Windsor round 108 hits 108 golds to take a club record that has stood since 1994. Very well done indeed.







Shooting times for Indoors

Tuesday - 18:30

Thursday - 18:30

Sunday 13:30

Frostbite - Sunday 12:00

All times are at the container.

Dates for Your Diary

The Diary dates are constantly being modified, please check back for updated information on a regular basis.


Club records are tumbling and the new ones will be posted soon. 


Many Congratulations to

Stuart Barber - Compound

Rachel Boynton - Compound

Megan Gabriel (Junior) - Recurve

Zoe Hill (Junior) - Recurve

who all shot in the SCAS inter counties match in September.

Congratulations to Stuart Barber who shot his first official Master Bowman score.

Very well done indeed :-)


The xmas shoot is now on the 11th December, NOT the 4th. Please remember to bring  your own target and some finger food for afterwards.




Stortford Archery Club is affilated to the associations shown, this allows our members to have confidence in the club and also allows them to compete at a variety of tournaments from Local to National level.

Hertfordshire Archery Association

Stortford Archery Club is an affiliated member of the Hertfordshire Archery Association, a number of members shoot for the County.

Southern Counties Archery Association

This is the Organisation that covers the Southern Counties Region. Details of tournaments organised by SCAS can be found on their website and usually book up very quickly.

ArcheryGB (Formerly GNAS)

This is the National Organisation of Archery in the UK, all club members are members of Archery GB as the club pays for membership via the annual subscriptions

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